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PRESS RELEASE: Stafford MSD Names 2021-22 District Teacher and Rookie Teacher of the Year

At the close of the 2021-22 school year, Stafford MSD hosted an awards ceremony to honor employees of the year on Tuesday, June 7. District Teacher of the Year was awarded to Meghann Adkins, a U.S. History and AP Human Geography teacher. District Rookie Teacher of the Year went to Meredith Mohr, an English Language Arts and AP Language and Composition teacher.

EOY Student iPad Information

At this time of the year, it's important for our technology team to review and reset each device in order to keep iPads in the best condition. In order to do this, we need all Spartan students to return their iPads even if they plan to return for summer learning. Students will be able to turn in their device on the date set by the campus principal, and/or after the last final exam.

Board of Trustees for 2022

On May 16, the Stafford MSD Board of Trustees reviewed and discussed the official canvass results from the general election held earlier this month in the City of Stafford including swearing in new members and reorganizing the group. For the first time in the district's 40-year history, there are currently 3 board members who also graduated from Stafford High School including Manuel Hinojosa, Dawn Reichling and newest member Patricia Soza-Montelongo.

Stafford Kickstart Team Takes on Texas

Congratulations to the Stafford Kickstart Team that dominated in April at the 2022 CenTex Open in Austin, TX and the Texas State Championships in Dallas, TX! We are so proud of all of the students in the program and invite the community to the Kickstart Spring Belt Ceremony on Wednesday, May 11 at 6:00 p.m. at the Stafford Middle School gym.



PRESS RELEASE: Stafford MSD Receives All Clear from Stafford PD

According to the Stafford Police, our complex is safe and clear at this time. Although we are committed to a climate of safety and security on campus, disruptive threats of any kind and dangerous rumors can cause emotional distress to any individual including students and staff. We encourage our parents and families to talk with your students at home about these incidents as each individual plays a critical role during emergency situations. SMSD remains here to support all students and staff, and will continue with safety planning drills and conversations about appropriate responses to these types of situations.