Meet Stafford

We inspire students to exceed their own expectations.

Stafford Municipal School District students will graduate as experienced and empowered critical thinkers, equipped to be productive citizens in a global and diverse society. You will find teachers, counselors and mentors who will stretch your mind, challenge your thinking and expand your opportunities.

Digital Learning

Students use technology to develop thinking skills, accelerate learning and collaborate with experts and peers.

Student Wellness

We are committed to encouraging and promoting student health and wellbeing.


Family involvement is a cornerstone for your child’s education. Learn ways to get involved!

21st Century Workforce

Every student, regardless of background, deserves an education that prepares them a successful future, and we deliver on that promise.

Bilingual Skills

Bilingual skills are a gift. 100% of our Language Arts teachers hold ESL or Bilingual certifications.

Fine Arts

Explore the Fine Arts at Stafford! More than 80% of students participate in the Fine Arts and we are proud to display their works around our campus!

Gifted & Talented Enrichment

Students with advanced learning abilities broaden their knowledge and skills through differentiated, enriched academic experiences.

Student Supports

Attendance and participation matter! Explore the before- and after-school opportunities that interest you. In addition, we have support teams in place to help every student succeed.